Runaway Cinderella

Running from a perfect world, trying to find her wild side...


People Change and Promises Are Broken...

So, I haven't broken any promises that I know of (alert me if I have), but I'm certainly changing! Lots of change going on inside, so I, of course, had to express that on the outside. Thus the reason I went and did this to my hair.

Before image, of course, being plain old no-bangs straight cut. So I'm loving the new look, even if it's weird to get used to. I keep blowing the bangs out of my eyes and then doing a double take. "Wait, BANGS? Since WHEN?" *moment of thought* "Since 12:30 PM, Captain Intelligence." Riiiight.

So Grandma's coming Thursday. Should be interesting. Oh, and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, whoopee.

Didja know I'm not sure why I have a blog? I honestly do so little with it. Everybody else seems to have so much to talk about... but hey, at least it looks pretty and has good music.

And, so, JB had this new-old song leaked, Kung-fu Grip, which is so dorky and ridiculous that I should, in all reality, be scornful. "just like a GI Joe", "I wish I had a kung-fu grip"? Oh, wow. But I'm addicted. The guitar is simple and lovely, and something about NickJ singing, "She'd be my doll and I would be her hero too" is simply magnetic. Soooo I've had it on repeat on youtube for quite some time. Someone stop me.

There's a rumor that he wrote it for a few friends, recorded it by himself, sent it to them, and it was then leaked, which I would believe. But I can only say, hey, Nick J. I'll be your doll.

That's right, E, I went there. Keep in mind who's legal. Uh-huh.


Hospitals and Hannah

Soo... long story short:

brother. karate. ankle. crunch. surgery. screw. cast. four month recovery.

Mother. panic attack. faints. hospital.

Sierra. fussy. misses mom. cries. hannah montana. sleeps.

Me. mall shopping. ER waiting room. KERNT and Bri save my life. Five hours. 3 hrs sleep. Tired. Take off work. Skip Bible class. KERNT. Falling asleep.

And that's been my life since Monday. Oh, and throw in some Garbo Love site stuff, some amazing fanfic updates, and one joint that seems to have suddenly lost readership, and you have life at the moment. And on a good note, in my five hours in the ER waiting room, I saw JB on Disney several times, got an idea for a oneshot, and watched a Hanner episode.

Life is crazy. Life is hard. Life is painful.

But it's a life I wouldn't trade for the world.


I'm a Real Girl!

Here's me, in all my lame glory on a terribly edited vlog! My little Bible class kids are the best thing about this.



I've been missing you...

Imagine this: a blog without a vlog! I don't even have anything to write about.

Except work. Loverly work. I'm just so ready to not work. It's something I'll be doing the rest of my life, but I just don't want to. Now, the weird thing is that while I'm at work, I don't mind it. It's times like now, 1 in the afternoon, when I'm counting down the hours to when I have to get ready...

I hate having my life constricted. I don't like working on a time schedule. Who does? On that note, I just need to get over myself, grow up, and start dealing with life. Although all this does really make me want to be a writer so I can work on my own schedule. Inspiration at 3 AM? Sure, that can go on your clock. Feel like working noon to 8 instead of 9-5? No problem. Yep. That would be amazing.

But that's OK. I'll handle it. Besides... right now, I'm working towards May 15. San Francisco, beh-bay! I CAN NOT wait. Never been to Cali, much less the West Coast, much larger version of my own town of steep hills. Hmmm, I wonder if Jonas will happen to be there? Checking schedule... psh. Of course no info. Eh, I'll run into them. Me, Golden Gate Bridge, Kevin Jonas (or Greg, that would do)--love. It's settled. San Francisco will be the beginning of my whirlwind romance with the man of my dreams.

And then, of course, barely two weeks later, my KERNT lovelies. I can't tell you how excited I am. I've never been so excited about a weekend visit before. Or a simple dinner out. At first, I was a little terrified about meeting them. Like, what if they don't like me as much when they meet me as they seem to on IM? But the longer I talk to them--and it's been more than a month now--the more I come to trust them and realize that they won't judge me for what I'm like in person. And I'm really not that different, I guess. It's my appearance I guess I'm worried about, the fact that I'm painfully uncool. But I'll survive! And my girls... I trust them.

Yep. KERNTLOVE is the movement.


Hang Time...

So church has this hang time thing. And brilliant me falls flat on my face in front of most of the youth group. Watch it in the vlog. But hey, life happens, and I lived. I pone all those angst-ridden teens anyway. :D


First KERNT VLog--SO pointless

Wow. So this may be the dullest, most ridiculously boring two minutes of my life. I had to be quiet because Starr is asleep on the bed behind me. And I had nothing to talk about. So it's redonk.

And I haven't a clue on how to embed it. So here's the youtube link.


Goodnight ladies!



Plant my lips where your necklaces close...

So work was good. It was one of those never-sit-down but not too crazy nights. The only downfall: the two thirty-something, NOT hot construction workers who insisted on flirting with my chest. No, not with me (that would have been almost interesting). My chest. But that's OK. I tugged up my shirt and they still tipped well. What can you do?

So Mom's like, no Kat to NJ for KERNT. OK. What about KERNT to MD for, well, me? Sounds like lovely. We can go with that.

And then Kat is like, argh, when to quit my job? I'll be gone for a week in May, then probably a day or two for KERNT, then leaving in the beginning of June, before which I have to pack up my life. Part of me really wants to quit before San Francisco, which would be the middle of May. Part of me is like, "Kat, you dork, you need money." Yeah. You don't gotta tell me twice. But hey, who knows if that will even matter? Knee surgery could make the decision for me.

Knee. Right. It feels like it's on the edge. Like, it doesn't even really hurt. But it feels weakened and like if I do something wrong it'll give out completely. I'm kinda paranoid at this point. But meh. I'll live, knee or no.

And, just to make Niki feel better about her blog post for the night, I must mention my body pillow. I adore that thing. It's had several names, and sometimes I actually need to imagine it's that crush or celeb obsession just so I can wrap my arms around it and sleep. Like, I legit can't sleep without it. I recognize that I'm a security freak. Rule #1 if you wanna win my heart: make me feel safe. Sooo... because I don't have that guy, Mr. Pillow steps in and gives me just that touch of security I need. It's like the teenage version of a baby blanket.

And that was the dorkiest thing I've written in a while. I leave you with this:

That's right. The world's two most amazing men. In ONE picture. With guitars (well, guitar and bass). If that's not perfection, what is?

Oh, that's right. KERNT.

Good Morning, Beautiful Day

So last night, at the time I was planning to go to bed, I simply could not sleep, and it turns out that was for the best. Because as I go to check my comments, I see this one that was flat-out the best thing I'd heard all day. And then I go to talk to her and she talks to me literally the moment I'm about to type.

And with one single IM my life was okay again. I forgot that I'd spilled Chinese food at work and burned my hand in the bargain. I forgot that my knee hurt or that my family got to go to the ice show and I didn't (both because of work). The empty, suffocated feeling I'd had all day evaporate like... like a couple water drops in a frying pan, for lack of a better image. Hey, that's what I saw in my head.

It's funny how the simple act of communicating can be so much more meaningful than any number of apologies. And that the three words, "I lava you," usually followed by a <3, can mean so much more, honestly, than "I'm sorry." And it makes my life.

I lava you, too. With all my <3.

PS--the center align is a result of peer pressure. Just can't help it. Must... conform... to KERNT...


So I Gave In!

And finally created a Blogspot, even though I already have a Wordpress. Seemed like the right thing to do, since my bff's have them. Gotta join the club, ya know?

Too tired tonight for more. Later, loves.