Runaway Cinderella

Running from a perfect world, trying to find her wild side...


To my Jonas boys... but not from me...

I didn't write this, but I think it's a really good expression. Wish I could have come up with something this good. So anyway. Enjoy!!!


This doesn’t happen to just anyone. Prince could sell out three nights at MSG.

Madonna could sell out maybe three nights at MSG.

Rolling Stones could sell out three shows. Eagles, maybe U2…

But three little Jersey boys… this doesn’t happen to just anyone.

My lungs are heavy, my stomach’s in knots,

My knees are weak and my throat’s closed up,

And I’m not even there.

This is happening, and I am amazed.

You’re welcome, boys.

Just remember to always keep saying thank you.

Things like this can do crazy things to people,

And we sure as heck don’t want that to happen to you.

Say thank you for an extra time, smile real big for one more second,

And stand in the middle of the stage, arms in the air,

Soaking it in, for one extra minute.

It’s not every day over 20,000 people travel from the likes of

Oregon, and even SPAIN, to stand in the crowd and watch you perform.

As your loyal and loving fan base,


So do it because you love it.

And do it because you want it.

And do it because you finally can.

You are headlining THREE SOLD OUT SHOWS


So take that extra minute and don’t let this moment pass.

It’s not every day three little boys from Wyckoff, Jersey

Grow up to headline the garden THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW.

We love you, boys.

And we are so proud.

All that’s left now is congratulations.

You, out of anyone, deserve it.

And you, out of anyone, have earned it.

Thank you for showing millions of teenagers

That the bad times only make you stronger

That it’s okay to keep standards

That you can succeed and be a good person

What faith really is and to always stand behind it,

That you should never let anything slow you down.

How it feels when a simple smile can brighten your day

What love really is, and once you find it, never to give up on it.

And thank you for showing us all what it means to live like you’re at the bottom even though you guys are at the top.

Thank you. <3

So hold your hands high, and never take for granted the little girls that chase your car down the street just because you might just be in it,

The little girls that pull on your arm because they know if they let go, they won’t ever get that chance again,

The little girls that sleep on cement for days because they want to prove to you that they think you’re worth it,

The little girls that break down in tears when they lay eyes on you, because one moment is everything to them,

The little girls that bought your first album and encouraged all their friends to get it because they knew you should be heard,

The little girls that throw education to the wind and skip school because it’s rumored you might be in town that day,

Or the little girls that care so much about you as human beings and want the best for you, because even though they deep down know they won’t really be Mrs. Jonas,

They love you anyway.

This doesn’t happen to just anyone,

And we are overjoyed that it happened to you.

Never forget, your fans will love each of you,

Forever and always.



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