Runaway Cinderella

Running from a perfect world, trying to find her wild side...


I hear it's wonderful in California...

soooooo I'm going there!

Yes yes I am.

Tomorrow. 11:00 I leave here, 4:00 I arrive in Cleveland, Ohio. Next morning, too early for words, I depart for San Francisco, California.

And sometime in the week after that I will be forced to sit through an hour long lecture on vasculitis that my grandfather is giving. And I have to take notes.

BUT I will get to see the Golden Gate, walk Jonas ground (yes, there IS a pic of Joe on the Golden Gate, albeit in a car), and hang around one of the greatest cities in the world. Yep. Pretty awesome.

But I'm gonna miss my friends like crazy.

So I'll be missing you, it's true...

but tomorrow, I'm gonna fly...


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