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I've been missing you...

Imagine this: a blog without a vlog! I don't even have anything to write about.

Except work. Loverly work. I'm just so ready to not work. It's something I'll be doing the rest of my life, but I just don't want to. Now, the weird thing is that while I'm at work, I don't mind it. It's times like now, 1 in the afternoon, when I'm counting down the hours to when I have to get ready...

I hate having my life constricted. I don't like working on a time schedule. Who does? On that note, I just need to get over myself, grow up, and start dealing with life. Although all this does really make me want to be a writer so I can work on my own schedule. Inspiration at 3 AM? Sure, that can go on your clock. Feel like working noon to 8 instead of 9-5? No problem. Yep. That would be amazing.

But that's OK. I'll handle it. Besides... right now, I'm working towards May 15. San Francisco, beh-bay! I CAN NOT wait. Never been to Cali, much less the West Coast, much larger version of my own town of steep hills. Hmmm, I wonder if Jonas will happen to be there? Checking schedule... psh. Of course no info. Eh, I'll run into them. Me, Golden Gate Bridge, Kevin Jonas (or Greg, that would do)--love. It's settled. San Francisco will be the beginning of my whirlwind romance with the man of my dreams.

And then, of course, barely two weeks later, my KERNT lovelies. I can't tell you how excited I am. I've never been so excited about a weekend visit before. Or a simple dinner out. At first, I was a little terrified about meeting them. Like, what if they don't like me as much when they meet me as they seem to on IM? But the longer I talk to them--and it's been more than a month now--the more I come to trust them and realize that they won't judge me for what I'm like in person. And I'm really not that different, I guess. It's my appearance I guess I'm worried about, the fact that I'm painfully uncool. But I'll survive! And my girls... I trust them.

Yep. KERNTLOVE is the movement.


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