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Good Morning, Beautiful Day

So last night, at the time I was planning to go to bed, I simply could not sleep, and it turns out that was for the best. Because as I go to check my comments, I see this one that was flat-out the best thing I'd heard all day. And then I go to talk to her and she talks to me literally the moment I'm about to type.

And with one single IM my life was okay again. I forgot that I'd spilled Chinese food at work and burned my hand in the bargain. I forgot that my knee hurt or that my family got to go to the ice show and I didn't (both because of work). The empty, suffocated feeling I'd had all day evaporate like... like a couple water drops in a frying pan, for lack of a better image. Hey, that's what I saw in my head.

It's funny how the simple act of communicating can be so much more meaningful than any number of apologies. And that the three words, "I lava you," usually followed by a <3, can mean so much more, honestly, than "I'm sorry." And it makes my life.

I lava you, too. With all my <3.

PS--the center align is a result of peer pressure. Just can't help it. Must... conform... to KERNT...


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