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Plant my lips where your necklaces close...

So work was good. It was one of those never-sit-down but not too crazy nights. The only downfall: the two thirty-something, NOT hot construction workers who insisted on flirting with my chest. No, not with me (that would have been almost interesting). My chest. But that's OK. I tugged up my shirt and they still tipped well. What can you do?

So Mom's like, no Kat to NJ for KERNT. OK. What about KERNT to MD for, well, me? Sounds like lovely. We can go with that.

And then Kat is like, argh, when to quit my job? I'll be gone for a week in May, then probably a day or two for KERNT, then leaving in the beginning of June, before which I have to pack up my life. Part of me really wants to quit before San Francisco, which would be the middle of May. Part of me is like, "Kat, you dork, you need money." Yeah. You don't gotta tell me twice. But hey, who knows if that will even matter? Knee surgery could make the decision for me.

Knee. Right. It feels like it's on the edge. Like, it doesn't even really hurt. But it feels weakened and like if I do something wrong it'll give out completely. I'm kinda paranoid at this point. But meh. I'll live, knee or no.

And, just to make Niki feel better about her blog post for the night, I must mention my body pillow. I adore that thing. It's had several names, and sometimes I actually need to imagine it's that crush or celeb obsession just so I can wrap my arms around it and sleep. Like, I legit can't sleep without it. I recognize that I'm a security freak. Rule #1 if you wanna win my heart: make me feel safe. Sooo... because I don't have that guy, Mr. Pillow steps in and gives me just that touch of security I need. It's like the teenage version of a baby blanket.

And that was the dorkiest thing I've written in a while. I leave you with this:

That's right. The world's two most amazing men. In ONE picture. With guitars (well, guitar and bass). If that's not perfection, what is?

Oh, that's right. KERNT.


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