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Hospitals and Hannah

Soo... long story short:

brother. karate. ankle. crunch. surgery. screw. cast. four month recovery.

Mother. panic attack. faints. hospital.

Sierra. fussy. misses mom. cries. hannah montana. sleeps.

Me. mall shopping. ER waiting room. KERNT and Bri save my life. Five hours. 3 hrs sleep. Tired. Take off work. Skip Bible class. KERNT. Falling asleep.

And that's been my life since Monday. Oh, and throw in some Garbo Love site stuff, some amazing fanfic updates, and one joint that seems to have suddenly lost readership, and you have life at the moment. And on a good note, in my five hours in the ER waiting room, I saw JB on Disney several times, got an idea for a oneshot, and watched a Hanner episode.

Life is crazy. Life is hard. Life is painful.

But it's a life I wouldn't trade for the world.


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