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People Change and Promises Are Broken...

So, I haven't broken any promises that I know of (alert me if I have), but I'm certainly changing! Lots of change going on inside, so I, of course, had to express that on the outside. Thus the reason I went and did this to my hair.

Before image, of course, being plain old no-bangs straight cut. So I'm loving the new look, even if it's weird to get used to. I keep blowing the bangs out of my eyes and then doing a double take. "Wait, BANGS? Since WHEN?" *moment of thought* "Since 12:30 PM, Captain Intelligence." Riiiight.

So Grandma's coming Thursday. Should be interesting. Oh, and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, whoopee.

Didja know I'm not sure why I have a blog? I honestly do so little with it. Everybody else seems to have so much to talk about... but hey, at least it looks pretty and has good music.

And, so, JB had this new-old song leaked, Kung-fu Grip, which is so dorky and ridiculous that I should, in all reality, be scornful. "just like a GI Joe", "I wish I had a kung-fu grip"? Oh, wow. But I'm addicted. The guitar is simple and lovely, and something about NickJ singing, "She'd be my doll and I would be her hero too" is simply magnetic. Soooo I've had it on repeat on youtube for quite some time. Someone stop me.

There's a rumor that he wrote it for a few friends, recorded it by himself, sent it to them, and it was then leaked, which I would believe. But I can only say, hey, Nick J. I'll be your doll.

That's right, E, I went there. Keep in mind who's legal. Uh-huh.


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