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Over the edge and just breathless...

So I can't even figure out what to type! That's so unlike me. I ALWAYS have something to say, even if it's not the best or most intelligent thing. But right now, there's just so much going on! Let's talk about my month for just a sec here.

--Camp ends--
Cry, sob, say goodbye to friends, still missing them weeks later.

--Laptop repairs--
Takes me weeks to finally get it in the mail, and I'm a little panicked cuz I think I might have put it in the wrong Fedex box so for all I know it's still sitting at Staples never being picked up.

--JB album release--
My life is made. They album is amazing. My boys have grown up so much, in nothing but good ways. They're beautiful, although unlike Lovebug, I can't say they "don't even try"... they spend too much money on clothes and too much time on their hair to qualify them for that statement.

--Weight goals--
I was setting myself goals for weight loss (rewarded after 30 lbs with a bellybutton pierce) but the first one only serves to remind me how far (15 lbs) from it I am.

--Packing up my life for college--
Cleaning out 10 years of living in one house is insane. There's so much stuff I totally don't need but I'm too sentimental to throw away, or other stuff that I KNOW is important, I just don't need it right that second.

--JB concert--
Best. Night. Ever. Mom, Kyle, and Dakota went with. Despite looking really fat in the one pic my mom took of us, it was an amazing night, and my boys are angels as usual. Kevin destroys my heart. Just... speechless.

--Camp Rock DVD release--
I'm not buying it yet. I have no money and I'll have even less once I start school. Instead, I'm going to wait for my birthday, in just over a month, and add it to my wish list. This will take ridiculous willpower.

--Gramma's house--
Hmmm. We're only on day 1, so I can't say for sure how it's going! Fun so far. Too cold to go into the pool, though maybe I'll get tough and go in later on. We come home Saturday.

--Registering for classes--
I called ABC today (my school, not the alphabet) and registered for my classes. My noon speech class was changed to 8 AM. At least I still have 12:40 speech lab on Wednesday, but the others are SOOOO early!! Hello morningtime.

So I think that's it so far. Now, I'm looking ahead. Coming home from Gramma's, six days, and then college. A month and 6 days from today, my 18th birthday! I'll finally be an adult. I won't ACT like one, but I'll BE one.

And now I'm done taking up useful internet space with my rambling.


PS--KERNT chat needs to happen. Like, sooner than soon. Yesterday. Mhm. I'm dying.


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